We treat a wide range of conditions and people of all ages. These include:

  • Neck and Back problems - including whiplash and sciatica and chronic back pain, we also have a Back School which is a 6 week course teaching you how to get back in charge of your back pain. Particularly useful if you suffer from long term pain.
  • Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow - This can be a very debilitating pain due to tendon problems at the site of attachment on to the bone.
  • Frozen Shoulder - This painful restricting condition goes through stages, we can give you manual therapy or advice to manage it. Sometimes injections are appropriate.
  • RSI - The use of computers and other repetitive tasks can effect soft tissues and nerves. We can give you manual therapy and exercises/advice to manage this
  • Sports Injuries - Muscles, tendons and ligaments can suffer from tears and sprains. We can give you local treatment and appropriate exercises to fully rehabilitate you to your particular sport. We can also assess for internal tissue damage and give you advice on referring you on to a specialist.
  • Arthritis and joint wear and tear - The latest evidence shows that keeping muscles strong and joints flexible will minimise this process.
  • Headaches - Sometimes headaches are due to joint stiffness and soft tissue tightness. If this is the case we can treat you.
  • Shin Splints - A condition particularly affecting active people and is actually several different conditions. We can assess you and give you appropriate exercises and advice.
  • Post-operative rehabilitation - We have strong links with local orthopaedic consultants and know their post-operative protocols and are happy to rehabilitate you after your surgery.
  • Women’s Health - We have a specialist who is able to treat women’s health issues including low back pain, incontinence and all of the physical challenges of pregnancy, labor and motherhood.
  • Podiatry - We have highly experienced podiatrists to treat problems of the feet and lower limbs.